Kindergarten ~ Sixth Grade

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Suzanne Nicastro Superintendent/Principal
Jules Manfreda Vice Principal
Nancy Dow Fiscal Director
Teresa Gaona Payroll/Data Entry and Administrative Assistant
Ninette Height Human Resources Assistant and Administrative Assistant
Joanne Johnson Attendance/Office Clerk
Mayra Saines Office Clerk
    Teacher Email Address
Kindergarten   Transitional Kindergarten School Supply List
Kindergarten School Supply List
Alma Camacho Room MN1
Marissa Higgs Room 1
Artesia “Tisha” Carlon Room 2
First Grade   1st Grade School Supply List
Megan Vallivero Room 6
Kimberly Hurd Room 7
Tiffany Gnad Room 8
Second Grade   2nd Grade School Supply List  
Halli Pedersen Room 4  
Jenny Klinedinst Room 5  
Third Grade   3rd Grade School Supply List


Sharla Tibbetts Room 9
Nichelle Rourke Room 10
Third/Fourth Grade (GATE) 3rd & 4th Grade - Combo Class - Ahrens
Kristin Ahrens Room 11
Fourth Grade   4th Grade School Supply List


Kathy Guthrie Room 12
Ryan Prieto Room 13
Fifth Grade   5th Grade School Supply List  
Jacquie Voorhees Room 15  
Kate Busarow Room 16>  
Sixth Grade   6th Grade School Supply List 
Lauren Ward Room 17

Andi Wulfestieg Room 18  
Fifth/Sixth Grade (GATE) 5th & 6th Grade - Combo Class - Valverde  
Michael Valverde Room 19  
Instructional Coach  
Christine Petrone

Spanish Pathways/EL Support  
Martha Garcia Room 3  
School Nurse  
Karissa Fermin Administration  
Teacher Tutor Intervention Support  
Estefana Rossler Kindergarten  
Diane Burton 1st & 2nd    
Karen Terrones 3rd - 6th  
Visual Performing Arts Grades K-6
Larry Kaml Drama/Art/Music Teacher

Special Education - Room 14
Robert Altavilla Director
Deborah Flagg Teacher
Jill Hunt Instructional Assistant
/Administrative Assistant
Natalie Villaseñor Instructional Assistant
Teresa Chavez Instructional Assistant
Jane Beard Instructional Assistant
Dianna De La Mora Instructional Assistant
Speech and Language Teacher  
Jack Timmons Room 14  
School Psychologist  
James Albertson Room 14  
AVID Coordinator and Career Counselor  
Angelica Eulloqui  
School Based Counselor  
Beth Baldaccino  
Food Services    
Terra Ehmer MPR Lompoc Unified School District Food Services Manager
School Operation    
Anthony Slade Facilities/Day Custodian
Daniel Cobian Gardener/Night Custodian
Jose Lujan Night Custodian
Scholar Supervsion    
Karen Cobb      
Joseph Chavez      
Kirstin Jones      
American Star Transportation      
Erik Noriega Supervisor  
Patricia Arellano Bus Driver    
Patricia Funes Bus Driver    
Jenny Gomez Bus Driver    
Margarita Mendez Bus Driver    
Cynthia Gomez Bus Driver    


PHONE: 805-734-5600
FAX: 805-734-3572

Administration Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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