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Sarah Raines

ďAh, music," [Professor Dumbledore] said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!Ē

Ėfrom Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone


Iím Sarah Raines. I grew up singing and playing the piano in my small Texas hometown until I moved to New York City to get my degree in classical voice from NYU. From there, I moved to South Carolina, then I had a brief stay in Santa Maria. Now, I come to Lompoc from Montana where I established my career as an educator and performer.

As choir director and voice teacher at the University of Great Falls, I built an extra-curricular music program virtually from the ground up. In collaboration with the head of performing arts, I took twenty UGF students to New York City where we were invited to perform our original play at the New York Music Theatre Festival during the summer of 2013. At the university, I also made my directorial debut with the musical South Pacific. My time in Montana was also spent touring with two performing groups: the Dolce Divas Soprano Duo and The Electric City Cabaret.

Locally, you may have seen me performing with Lompoc Civic Theatre or singing with Santa Barbaraís Quire of Voyces, whom I toured the UK with in the summer of 2016. More currently, when Iím not encouraging scholars at Manzanita to sing, Iíll be performing with Opera Santa Barbara, Opera San Luis Obispo, or even my own shows in the Sarah Raines Concert Series.


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