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Radar was born in Oklahoma on May 3, 2004. Originally he was to be delivered to Space Cowboy by airplane, but he grew so quickly that his Oklahoma parents had to drive him all the way out to his new home in California. Radar joined his sister Star (also from Oklahoma) in his new home in Pismo Beach, California. Radar later moved with his family to Lompoc in 2008. He loves being closer to be closer to “his” children at Manzanita School.

From the first time Radar was able to accompany SpaceCowboy, he took to his new job as Space Dog Radar with high energy and devotion to “his” children. The happiest times are those shared with the children at Manzanita School, including parades, recess and especially Frisbee time. He loves protecting the children from lions, coyotes, and especially bees.

Radar hopes that he will be able to share many more happy years with his very special family at Manzanita School.

This summer you can visit with Radar on his FaceBook page Space Dog Radar.


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